Great Panther Silver
Early Stakeholder Engagement for Land Access and Social Investment in Hygiene, Pest Control and Water Sanitation

Regional Focus: Mexico

In 2015, Great Panther Silver entrusted O Trade as its advisor in land access and in leading an early stakeholder engagement process in the community of Guadalupe de los Reyes, Cosalá, Sinaloa, where the Guadalupe de los Reyes Exploration Site was located.

O Trade’s social mapping and dialogue-focused methodology was used to assess the living conditions and greatest challenges faced by the community. Among the challenges identified were the issues of clean water access and wastewater management—issues having a greater impact on children and women.

This research and assessment highlighted an opportunity for action in the short term. Beyond the proposal for a solution to the hygiene and water sanitation hurdle, O Trade assisted Great Panther in establishing a collaborative relationship with the local Ejido, and steered the parties into a mutually beneficial Land Access Agreement.


  • Led open dialogue and clear communication with stakeholders, that contributed to successfully obtaining access to land for an exploration program

  • Built trust through transparency, dialogue and early engagement

  • Managed stakeholder expectations by focusing on the capacity limitations that characterize the exploration phase

  • Delivered detailed poverty assessment, helping to clarify which social investment approach would have the greatest benefits to the communities impacted

  • Led the first social investment program in the area: a Hygiene, Pest Control and Water Sanitation program delivered to 6 communities within the municipality of Cosalá—with the program including 94 women participants, and its impact stretching to 376 people, including children


“O Trade was an important partner for Great Panther, assisting us in understanding the socio-economic environment of the Guadalupe de Los Reyes Project. The proposed stakeholder engagement strategy and social investment plans facilitated our first approach with these communities and the local ejido.  

Establishing an early collaborative approach with the communities where we operate is one of the foundational steps in our exploration projects, and O’Trade helped us to achieve that through the implementation of programs with significant impact in the local communities while securing a mutually beneficial land access agreement.”

Robert A. Archer President & CEO