Kinross Gold
CSR Solutions: Local Supplier Development

Regional Focus: Ecuador

In 2011, O Trade worked with the local communities directly impacted by Kinross Gold’s mining operation in Ecuador. O Trade implemented the LCPP in Ecuador to develop local suppliers by building capacity and creating market opportunities at the local level.



  • Increased demand for locally-sourced products and services

  • Supported the development of small businesses and transferred practical knowledge to businesses owners about small business management

  • Increased employment opportunities for local communities, including vulnerable groups (e.g. elders, single mothers, Indigenous, and illiterate)

  • Decrease community dependency on the mining project and helped create sustainable economic livelihoods for community members, including Indigenous and vulnerable groups (e.g. elderly, illiterate) in the region

  • Increased efficiencies in Kinross’ local supply chain - securing on-time delivery and achieving cost reductions in transportation and distribution

  • Transferred practical skills and knowledge to community members, including illiterate individuals

  • Raised hygiene, HSE, quality, and business management standards among local small businesses

  • Established ongoing dialogue and collaboration between the local, regional and national government agencies, local associations, and Kinross Gold


“O Trade’s understanding of our project in Ecuador, including the intricacies of our supply chain, the socio-economic conditions of the communities in the DAI, and finally the recognition of local sourcing opportunities, enabled them to effectively tailor the LCPP to meet the demands of our project.”

Dominic Channer President, Kinross Gold Ecuador