SilverCrest Mines - La Joya
Stakeholder Engagement – socio-economic analysis & defining the direct and indirect area of influence

Regional Focus: Mexico


Since 2013, SilverCrest Mines has entrusted O Trade to be its advisor in CSR and Sustainable Development, beginning with a Stakeholder Engagement process. Its operation in Mexico includes one operating mine, Santa Elena, and one
advanced exploration project, La Joya.

As a junior mining company, this was the first time SilverCrest used a professional and systematic approach to manage social issues. O trade’s unique methodology, a combination of social mapping and dialogue, has been instrumental in defining direct and indirect areas of influence and understanding the socio-economic dynamics. An early engagement-focused approach has enabled SilverCrest to identify the understand locals livelihoods, where agriculture or ranching is the principal source of income, and genuine concerns around water issues in a region categorized as an Arid Zone by the Mexican Government.

Today, O trade continues to work with SilverCrest in building dialogue, executing programs that facilitate solutions for communities directly impacted by its operations, supporting the social license.


  • Gain recognition from regional institutional stakeholders for best practices in the early stakeholder engagement process and in-depth community knowledge, strengthening government support for continued project development

  • Build trust through transparency in dialogue and effective approach to solutions

  • Define the avenues for Social Investment, offering a baseline that enables measured results and respects the Company budget

  • Identify opportunities for Public Private Partnerships

  • Reduce costs and maximize the benefits with today’s actual budget


“O Trade’s expertise in building dialogue, combined with their structured approach to engagement has enabled us to mitigate risks by addressing stakeholder concerns early on, and at the same time, allowed us to establish a solid foundation for socio-economic development and regional participation once our project comes to fruition.
Importantly, O Trade was able to customize their services to the realities that we face as a junior company and has provided us with a strategy that we are confident will help us achieve our long-term objectives.”

Nathalie Poznanski   -  Sustainability Manager