Pacific Rubiales
Governance: CSR Governance & Sustainability Strategy

Regional Focus: Colombia


In 2011, O Trade completed an audit and assessment of Pacific Rubiales Energy’s Colombian operations. The assessment was grounded in a multi-tier approach; firstly, we considered the Company’s economic, social, and environmental practices and policies and the legal and political environment in which the Company operates. Secondly, through community meetings and consultations with Indigenous groups, we were able to identify the challenges and capacities of the community members impacted by the Company operations.

Through O Trade’s guidance and consultation, Pacific Rubiales became the first Colombian signatory of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and defined the company’s commitment to Indigenous Rights.


  • Pacific Rubiales Energy became the first company in the extractive industry to establish a full commitment to the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples through its Code of Conduct

  • Pacific Rubiales Energy became the first Colombian signatory of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

  • Drafted and developed a new Code of Conduct and Corporate Ethics and the Supplier Code of Conduct for Pacific Rubiales Energy

  • The Suppliers Code of Conduct established a performance framework for suppliers and contractors. The Code guarantees that suppliers and contractors act in accordance to Pacific Rubiales’ corporate values and policies in regards to human and labour rights and environmental management and conversation


“Pacific Rubiales Energy has benefitted from [Monica Ospina’s] knowledge as both a CSR strategist and expert in the oil and gas sector. Ms. Ospina has consistently demonstrated
a strong awareness of industry issues, and has helped our organization address key social and environmental challenges through strategic and actionable solutions and approaches.”

Alejandro Jimenez   -  Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Pacific Rubiales Energy