SilverCrest Mines - Santa Elena
Governance: Code of Conduct & Compliance Program (Grievance Mechanism)

Regional Focus: Mexico & Canada


In 2013, SilverCrest Mines hired O Trade to develop a governance framework and compliance program customized to its operational reality. For SilverCrest, this presented an opportunity to mitigate risk and align with global CSR standards.

O trade’s unique approach to Code of Conduct design includes employee consultation process, which enabled the Company to identify challenges and Core Values. Inclusion and open dialogue led to establishing a set of rules that represent employees and which are congruent with the reality of SilverCrest’s operations.

As part of the process, O trade created a Grievance Mechanism that opened a communication channel between SilverCrest and its employees and communities. This direct communication allows SilverCrest to address issues proactively, provide solutions in short time, and reduce the interference of third parties, which in many cases, can result in unnecessary new conflict.


  • Create and implement inclusive internal policies that consider employees as key stakeholders

  • Mitigate social and operational risk such as corruption, Human Rights abuses, and unethical practices

  • Establish an organized framework that allows transparency and equality. As participatory tool employees safeguard good practice in daily operational life

  • Anticipate issues facilitating corrective actions and ongoing dialogue

  • Bridge gaps between the corporate office and operations, enabling proactive solutions

  • Build trust amongst employees and local stakeholders as they are more comfortable to bring issues and share ideas for improvements

  • Operationalize best practice Code of Conduct policies, founded on common values to guide decision-making


“O Trade’s consultation process helped our Company implement a Code of Conduct that strengthened our organization. Our new governance framework was built on our corporate values, and integrates the voice of our employees, who are the core of our organization. Further, the grievance mechanism opened a critical and confidential communication channel that allows us to proactively approach employees concerns, invite new ideas and build a more internally cohesive and coherent organization.”

N. Eric Fier, CPG, PEng.   -  President & Chief Operating Officer